Waller County Radio Club

Waller County Radio Club

Waller County, Texas

New WWW Site being dedicated to Waller County Radio Club. All things "Radio" in Waller County, Texas. This is not just an "Amateur (Ham) Radio" Club. See below.

What's New?


WebSDR Current Status Update:

This site has been out of date for a while. The Waller County Radio Club WebSDR has been back up for a little over a year now, was down for a time last summer due to a lightning strike that took out alot of the equipment. It's slowly being replaced. This week have a brandnew Upconverter coming in to add more bands and seperate some of the antennas. After this coming weekend (today is 05/15/2019) the antennas will be as follows. LW/AM Broadcast Band/160 Meters will be back on the 10ft copper loop that worked well, this will be on it's own antenna and upconverter for max signal. 80M-10M bands (which bands are to be determined right now) will be on the new Upconverter with antenna combo of 80M Dipole (currently in operation) and adding a 20/15/10M multiband fan dipole. This should give good reception for any HF bands, Low or High from 80M-10M.

Waller County Radio Club WebSDR Server

*See the websdr.org website for more info on the WebSDR project (Global/International).


Waller CRC WebSDR Server is BACK, now on Unlimited Internet Connection!

Now Back Online. Finally, no more worry about data usage! New URL below.

Daytime: AM Broadcast Band + 6.3 through 13Mhz
Night: AM Broadcast Band through 8Mhz

Waller CRC Software Defined Radio (WebSDR) Server

*See the websdr.org website for more info on the WebSDR project (Global/International).


Waller CRC's own WebSDR Server

Now Back Online, and improvements made and more in the works. Available 6am-9pm CT 75/40/30/20/2 meters and 70cm

Waller CRC Software Defined Radio (WebSDR) Server

*See the websdr.org website for more info on the WebSDR project (Global/International).


Repeater Net 444.900 Tuesday Night 8:00pm (every week) Join us.

Sunday Night Net Moved to Tuesday Night at 8pm
To accomodate those who are busy on the weekends, which is most of us in the Club at this time, we have moved the Sunday Night Net to Tuesday Nights and moved the time back to 8:00pm since the days are getting longer and some of us are still busy outside, even on Tuesday Nights at 7:30, so hopefully 8pm start time will work better, and remember you can always check in late, we take late checkins about every 10-15 minutes during the net. Feel free to join the net while it is already in progress.


Repeater Net 444.900 Sunday Night 7:30pm (every week) Join us.

New Repeater Tower Site
Received permission to locate the new tower for repeaters on the big hill out back, about 30 or more feet higher in elevation than current location and will be on 60 foot tower with masts. Current Repeater antenna height is 48 feet to top, on new tower will be 80-90 feet to top of antenna! Will increase coverage dramatically. This will be ongoing project along with aquiring the equipment to setup the 2 meter repeater over the next 3-6 months time frame.


We WILL HAVE a 2 Meter Repeater! 147.040 Mhz has been assigned to us (KF5GXZ / Waller County Radio Club) by the Texas VHF FM Society (officially coordinated repeater)
This repeater will share new repeater site with 444.900 repeater on new tower, will be + offset (+600khz) and 100 Hz PL Tone. Should be on air/completed in next 3-6 months


Waller Repeater

444.900 Mhz Repeater We have a Repeater!

Have been VERY busy working on this Repeater project and has not left time to upate this site about Club Activies. That will be coming soon (during the next 2 months).

All Licensed Amateurs in area invited to use our Repeater freely unless otherwise directed on air by trustee for emergency situation, maintenance, etc. This is a "Ragchew" Repeater, normal, informal, casual use fully accepted, so please do use it.

Quick Info:
444.900Mhz (output) 449.900Mhz (input) PL Tone 100hz -- KF5GXZ Repeater located in Central Waller County (Monaville Area)
Waller Repeater website with a lot more info: http://www.wallerrepeater.org


WebSDR Server

Available 6am-9pm CT 75/40/30/20/2 meters and 70cm

Waller CRC Software Defined Radio (WebSDR) Server


Waller County Radio Club Established.


This Club is open to the following in Waller County:

FCC Licensed Amateur Radio Operators
Broadcast Radio Engineers/Technicians
Waller County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services)
ARRL Members/Groups in the Area of Waller County, Texas
WISP (Wireless Internet Service Providers, 802.11 and Others)
Scanner Monitoring (Public Service/Other)
S.W.L. (Shortwave Radio Listeners)
Anyone with an Interest in RF (Radio Frequency), including non-licensed Citizen Band and FRS/GMRS/MURS Operators

This Club is Brand New:
Club Meetings, Activities, Events, Classes, and Community involved activities are to be planned and announced here on this website.

This WWW site is sponsored by KF5JMD:
For more info on this Club, you can email us at kf5jmd@wallerrepeater.org.